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Oracle teletext, via

Work-in-progress examples from Egidija Čiricaitė’s Twitter.

Works by Joe O’Donnell.

Back on Earth, a composition by Michael Finnissy, 2004. Read more and listen here.

By Zaki Dee 163, without tape or stencils. More close-ups available here.

Various works by MuirMcNeil. More at their internet website.

Visual identity for the Summer Shows at London College of Communication, by MuirMcNeil. via

What seems to be a smiley from 1648 (top), written by the poet Robert Herrick, is most likely not. The same book contained more smilies (bottom) that indicate that it’s not supposed to be read as an emoticon. See Slate’s article for more examples and information.

Screenshots from Ultima Ratio Regum, a roguelike game under construction. It has an interesting aesthetics, mashing up ANSI, ASCII and trixels. The text characters used are inspired by many ancient written languages.

More info and downloads here.

Ian Wright