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By mthw 2010, originally posted in this thread. Made with Melly’s ASCII-Paint (like this one) and it seems to not be a standard ANSI in terms of colours, charset and font. via

Playlist with all 10 videos from 5alad’s album Low Res. Graphics, 2010. Videos here. Mostly PETSCII-graphics running on C64 or Plus/4, programmed in BASIC and manually synchronized to the music.

Most ASCII-converters work with blocks, but this one focuses on lines and structures. It was made by Xuemiao Xu, Linling Zhang and Tien-Tsin Wong in 2010. The comparison at the end is between an artist’s work (a) and their software (b). More info and images here.

ASCII-cake animated in Powerpoint by YoshieMaster, 2010.

ANSI works by emptie@ptt in normal and HTML-botched states.

A tool to draw ANSI through music, in realtime. ANSI MIDIo visualizer
is small piece of hardware by Will Lindsay (aka VBLANK) that converts notes to text characters, and velocity to colours.

By Christian Lawrence, 2010.

‘Electrolite’ by Jon Fox (2010)
(oil on canvas / 180 x 170 cm)

PETSCII-VERSION of Bonnie Pointer’s Free Me From My Freedom by v5mt, 2010.

Killbot in action by v5mt, reworked from a Max Capacity’s drawing.