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Generative patterns made in Amstrad BASIC by Rob Manuel (of @yorecomputer fame). Posted at b3ta.com, h/t @calmdownkidder.

Petitsmotifs, a Twitter-bot by @nyxtaki that generates Unicode patterns.



Project by
Casey Rodarmor produces abstract ANSI / ASCII art using neural networks:

I trained a bunch of neural networks on artscene art, and after much
tweaking and sifting through the output, this is what it produced.

More Here

Images generated by polyhedral dice throws. That, and James Bills.

via prostheticknowledge

Hypothetical Surface 1 by David R Garson, 1969. Computer prints made with IBM-stuff. Not sure, but it looks like text.

FatFonts Player is an easy way to generate flows of mathematical shapes, made with FatFonts. Fat fonts make higher numbers more bold. So it sort of rejoins the numeric with the visual.

Jacques Palumbo

‘SOF2B 12291 120573’    ‘SOF2A 12289 100573’
‘SOF1C 12285 060573’    ‘SOF2C 12302 230573’