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Jurriaan Schrofer’s stamps for the Netherlands, 1969. The text celebrates 50 years of International Labor Organization (IAO). More images and info in Maurice Meilleur’s excellent research.


Frederick Hammersley, A Good Line is Hard to Beat, 1969, L. A. Louver, Venice, CA / Frederick Hammersley Foundation

ASCII art by Frederick Hammersley, 1969. Made on an IBM-computer (which used EBCDIC and not ASCII encoding), and:

The alphanumeric characters we could ‘draw’ with were: the alphabet, ten numerals and eleven symbols, such as periods, dashes, slashes, etc….

h/t: Robert Doerfler


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Toshihiki Shimizu, Six Meditations, Japan, 1969

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Made by Waldemar Cordeiro, one of the first computer artists in South America.

Hypothetical Surface 1 by David R Garson, 1969. Computer prints made with IBM-stuff. Not sure, but it looks like text.

Seiichi Niikuni: “Fantasma” (1969), via

By Edward Zajec, 1969. Generated with an IBM 1620, after he moved to USA. Image from this page on Monoskop (archived, without images). More on his website and Slovenian Wikipedia.

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Shape and Structure (1969) and Departure from Merida (1973) by Carl Andre.