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Colourized ASCII art at NASA using an IBM System/370 in 1981, via. Or… EBCDIC art?

The rectangles in “Punch Card Park” in Ohio were made to resemble the square holes in IBM cards. Created in 2004 as part of the celebration of the bicentennial of the founding of Ohio University

Eliot Noyes’s design for IBM’s former Aerospace Research Center (1963) in Los Angeles County, California; the façade fenestration is based on the IBM Card.

The IBM 29 Card Punch (also called the 029 or Type 029 Key Punch or Keypunch), introduced about 1964 to coincide with the introduction of the IBM 360, via.

Slogans of the Free Speech Movement in IBMs punchcards, 1964 (University of California)


“I am a student at the University of California. Please do not fold, spindle or mutilate me.”


Luis Arambilet’s ASCII created in 1975 with punched cards 80 columns and IBM 370-115 CPU.

My grandpa worked for IBM in the ’60s. This was printed from the company’s mainframe computer after JFK was assassinated.

source. h/t: Erkan Spitten

IBM building, Honolulu. By Vladimir Ossipoff, 1962

The smallest animation ever! Frame by frame animation with atoms, made by IBM. They say that each atom is like a pixel, but hm. Atoms are not the smallest unit we know of. But pixels are, in computer graphics.

So – these atoms are better described as text graphics!

Watch the videoPics from here. Thanks to Peter Swimm and LittlePiltrafilla for sharing.

By Edward Zajec, 1969. Generated with an IBM 1620, after he moved to USA. Image from this page on Monoskop (archived, without images). More on his website and Slovenian Wikipedia.

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