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Estás obsoleta, an ongoing exhibition by Raquel Meyers in Cartagena, Spain. See the video work here.

Text graphics by Manfred Schroeder at Bell Labs in 1968. For the cover of the exhibition catalogue for Some More Beginnings organised by Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) at the Brooklyn Museum. h/t: Tim Koch

Snel Hest Text-Mode: 2014 Teletext Installation by Raquel Meyers.
SNEL HEST group exhibition at Alingsås Konsthall (Sweden).
Konst & konstig svensk mediahistoria.
With Aram Bartholl / Erik Berglin / Evan Roth / James Cauty / KATSU / Geraldine Juárez / Magnus Eriksson / Raquel Meyers / Yaxu-Algorave / F.A.T. / Free Art & Technology

Pics by Geraldine Juárez.

Aztec Ballad by Raquel Meyers for the FULL SCREEN exhibition in Paris, 2014. PETSCII-animations on a smartwatch and a big LED-screen.

“Is freedom larger here?” by Lisa Anne Auerbach for her exhibition Chicken Strikken, 2012. source

Vuk Cosic, one of the biggest ASCII-names in the art world, has a new project. He’s making a movie in cuneiform to be presented this friday. Is that Linda Lovelace we see?


Works by Trivial for the Amiga ASCII Art Exhibition in Cologne 2013. The first two ones made together with Mortimer Twang and the last one together with dMG.

More here.

Works by Dipswitch, aBHO and Sk!n for the Amiga ASCII Art Exhibition in Cologne, 2013. source

Works by dMG and Zaner for the Amiga ASCII Art Exhibition in Cologne, 2013. source

From ANSIArt of China Expo (ACE2013), August 7, 2013. Featuring Chinese ANSI from various artists, aswell as western ANSIs from Blocktronics. Pictures from here and here. Also check these two videos.

We have featured some of these works before here.