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Knitted ASCII-scarf from Glitchaus, available here. It’s an Atari ST image file read as a text, displayed with the MS DOS font (code page 437), then knitted.

‘The Hair Sucks’ by Jaanus Samma (2012)

By Magda Sayeg in Santiago, 2014. For an advertising by a soda company..

Sixe Paredes. “Futurismo Ancestral”. Exhibition at Somerset House in London, via.

Knit for Defense (2012) by CAT MAZZA.
An experimental animation created from knit stitches.

Robocop, Tyra Banks, Margret Thatcher and Dame Edna have so much in common! Mosaics by WorkByKnight from Melbourne.

I am a Teacher – Super Mario no Seta (1986, FDS)
Knitting with Nintendo!

“Is freedom larger here?” by Lisa Anne Auerbach for her exhibition Chicken Strikken, 2012. source

The C64 was capable of automating the entire knitting process thanks to a system called CAPS (made by Empisal in Germany). The setup consisted of the C64 (of course!), an Empisal 550/560 knitting machine and the CAPS interface. The process of knitting your favorite jumper consisted of designing a series of patterns on the C64 which you could then save to disk and combine with other patterns to create a larger image. Source