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The Word Processor v2.8 was modified by the MZ-GG / Netherlands at July 28, 1985 but it was originally written by APOLLO 1982 for the MZ-700, via.

Braille graphic software by Nippon Telesoft

Pictex (1988), a videotex graphic editor by Serge Villa.

I am a Teacher – Super Mario no Seta (1986, FDS)
Knitting with Nintendo!

Kaleidoscope (1988-2007) a CBM Keyboard Graphics, PETASCII, CGFX Editor by Bryce L. Tomlinson for C64.

Weaving Sample Warps by Judie Eatough (2006)

NuKE’s Randomic Life Generator (1994) Virus Creation Tool by Azrael / Argentin, via.

Yes No (Software 1) by Casey Reas (2012).

X-Stitch Master v3.5 (URSA software, 1992) for Commodore Amiga.