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Made in the Huari culture of Peru, sometime between year 750 and 1000.

Works from the Paracas Culture in Peru from around 800-100 BC. Looted photos of looted objects.

Double bird from Peru, ca 1600 BC. From On Weaving by Anni Albers, 1965 (pdf).

Sixe Paredes. “Futurismo Ancestral”. Exhibition at Somerset House in London, via.

Ancient baskets, mostly from Peru.

Source: A study of the textile art in its relation to the development of form and ornament by William H. Holmes.

Ancient patterns, mostly from Peru. via

Ancient patterns, mostly from Peru. via

Ceremonial Mantle Sihuas Valley, Nasca region, Peru 200 B.C. – 400 A.D.?

~1000 year old slit tapestry from Peru, made in the Chimu culture, via