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By Steve McCaffery, from one of his CARNIVAL books, made some time between 1967-1975. Found here. More here.


It’s typewriter week! For the next 7 days we’ll post only works made with those magical typewriter machines. It’ll be our usual mix of old and new, classy and trashy. The images here are from old posts we’ve made, see They are: 

Typewriter Town by William Jay Smith (1960)
– Steve McCaffery, panel from Carnival (1967-75)
Dirk Krecker
Typewriter/Bird in the Bush, by Karl Kempton (1980)
– Pietro (de) Saga (Stefi Kiesler)
– Nico Vassilakis, 24 Typewriter Visual Poems (2011)

grOnk magazine (1968-1971) –  issue 2
An early section” from Steve McCaffery’s tour de force typestract, Carnival.
Download the pdf here

Typewriter works by Steve McCaffery, made between 1967-75). Learn more.