Oracle teletext, via

Meditation on Samsara. PETSCII by Vsigos, 2023.

King Nothing 2. ASCII by Littlebitspace, 2021.


CGA and MDA, Part 2
As I briefly touched upon in my previous writeup on CGA vs. MDA, CGA’s 80×25 text mode is significantly coarser than MDA’s. CGA’s 80 column text mode is rendered at 640×200 with 8×8 characters (stretched vertically to approximately 640×400), while MDA’s 80 column text mode is rendered at 720×350 with larger 9×14 characters. MDA was capable of giving text attributes such as being bolded, italicized or underlined.

Seen here are the two side-to-side on the same display, a Compaq Portable’s screen.

By Antony Gormly, via

Canadian syllabics, created by an English missionary in 1827. Used to write a variety of indigenous languages, among which Cree, Ojibwe, Inuktitut.

The ZZT-game Mario Bros by Bill Meeks, 1995. via worldsofzzt

Works by Wacław Szpakowski, 1926-1943. via garadinervi

Street art by Pejac, via collosal