MZ-700 graphics made in 2023 by Ugeo, from here.

Works by Bleatnik, 2024.

PETSCII by PunksDistorted, 2024. Uses the PET-font, not C64.

Work stages for Normand Veilleux’s ASCII Mona Lisa, 1994. From his tutorial about manually converting images to ASCII using a grid.

By punksdistorted, 2023-2024. It looks like it’s the MZ-700 font.

ASCII by Veronica Karlsson (VK) from here.

Crocodile going through his day.

Centipede Ringer (Bee Fighter Kabuto), 2015. Anonymous author, it seems.

Jupiter Ace, a British computer from 1982. It used Forth instead of BASIC and it could display more text characters on the screen than most of its competitors (64×48 compared to the more common 40×24). It used the same font as ZX Spectrum.