From See Sharp, an MZ-700 demo by Fit, 2011. Full video here.

Estás obsoleta, an ongoing exhibition by Raquel Meyers in Cartagena, Spain. See the video work here.

By Peanut, 1992-1994.

By Severija Inčirauskaitė, 2016. More of her work here.

By Mike Sussman (Phoenix Jr.), 1992.

By Terry Traver, 1992.

Live visuals for Machinedrum by Strangeloop. Currently touring North America.

Clips from the game カンニング大作戦, released by Hudson for the MZ-80 in the early 1980’s. More posts from the game here.

Nadine (Lady Luck), 1991. Perhaps she is referring to Yvonne Adams?