4 byte burger. C64 PETSCII by Christwoballs, 2023. Based on an Amiga pixel art piece by Jack Haeger. The video is a media archeological quest to reconstruct the original.

Pietà. C64 PETSCII by Hein, 2023.

PETSCII Comics by Ailadi, 2021. More here.

From TwitAA_bot

Sander Focus’ PETSCII-work that escapes the grid. source/video

DIVISON by Matt DesLauriers, 2023. Made with Art1, a software made by Richard Williams in 1968, used by Frederick Hammersley, Katherine Nash and others. The punched cards contain the input that generates the art work.

SRT 2 VIDEO by Ksawery Kirklewski, 2023. Displays a movie through the text of its subtitles. You can try it yourself: upload any movie and subtitle file at his website.

The Flipdigits Monitor by Ksawery Kirklewski, 2020.

By Diego Espíritu, from here.

Device 1 by Andreas Gysin, 2022. Custom software (Javascript, WebGL), variable dimen desions. Available in crisp pixels here.