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Chehel Sotoun, Apple II text graphics by krüe.

Exploding Galaxy. Apple II graphics by krüe, 2012.

Apple II textmode works by krüe. More.


Genuine program crash on my Apple ][+

I miss when computers could crash this flagrantly.

Demo software that came with DOS 3.2 for Apple II, 1979. Author unknown.

CyberAIDS, a virus for Apple II from 1988. Extortion ware is nowadays more known as ransom ware.


Three mainstream computer heroes, each rendered in a corresponding font. Jack Tramiel (Commodore), Dennis Ritchie (UNIX) and some guy (Apple). Made by SanderFocus, who also makes great pixel art – more here.

TextFighter, an Apple II-game by Bret Victor, 1994. “A full featured arcade-style fighting game that uses only text characters and runs on any Apple II.”

By krüe. Taken from his archive of Apple II text graphics: fortycolumns.

Jed’s Other Poem by Stewart Smith, 2005. Music by Grandaddy. It’s a BASIC-program running on an Apple II+ (see). The source code was released online, and inspired other videos like this.