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New Zealand teletext caught in a bad moment, probably 1985. See the full video.

By Karl Kempton and Loris Essary. Selections from WIRED, made with typewriter and letraset 1985-1986, according to RENEGADE.

Other Kempton works here.

Entries from the PETSCII competition arranged by the German magazine 64’er in 1985. Jet by M. Trenz (Manfred Trenz?), Sandra by D. Reimann, Schiff by J. Börck, VW Golf by A. König, Stilleben by E. Hellmann, White House by C. Engelhardt, Raucher by D. Tschöpe.

from c64-wiki.de via Christian Gleinsner in PETSCII WORLD.

Reabracadabra, an animated Minitel piece by Eduardo Kac from 1985. It was recently restored and Rhizome is now showing it online in Net Art Anthologies. Accompanied by a text by Goto80.

Menu for a collection of cracking tools for C64, 1985. Kattens reviderade cracking disk. Download.

ZEPLIS (PiO 1985年7月号掲載) for MZ-700

Plotter drawing by Günther Schulz, 1985, via..

מבט ספורט – הפתיח עם הנקודות (Mbat sport – the opening). In case of dead link:

Teletext roundup ● Modcomp Profile ● US Videotext Scene

Could’ve been a demo party, but it’s the North American Videotex, 1985.

SCOOP was a teletext magazine for teenagers, available at ten high schools in USA, 1985. It was broadcasted on WGBH-TV in Boston using the NABTS/NAPLPS standards, which included the alpha-mosaic features of the French Antiope standard (see page 12).

“The kind of information presented (topical subjects, sports scores, around town information, etc.), the way it was presented (short, tightly edited segments), and the format (contemporary, graphic-heavy, easy to access) were appropriate to a teenage audience.”

More info in Formative Evaluation for Educational Technologies. Post updated in 2024.