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KOINS, a Korean teletext service on KBS TV was originally launched in January 1990, but was re-launched 18 August, 1990 according to this news segment. A year later, it was announced that the decoder hardware was delayed, so KBS made the service available through computers, according to this news segment.

Also see the Korean MBC teletext.

FF Beowulf by Erik van Blokland and Just van Rossum, published in 1990. A typeface that looks different every time it’s typed, because there is Postscript code to randomize the outlines. The original authors have made a new version called LTR Beowulf.

Frame from FACE_4.ANS, an ansimation by MCL (aka Michael C. Ling). Possibly made ca 1990. More MCL at sixteencolors.net.

Rosemarie Trockel, Untitled, 1990

Fellowship virus (1990). It attaches it to the end of .EXE files, but may overwrite the end of the original file. The virus itself is 1019 bytes long.

Two ANSIs by MCL (aka Michael C. Ling). Possibly made ca 1990. More MCL at sixteencolors.net.

Insomniac’s Dream. ANSI by Rad Man and Grimm of ACiD, 1990.

Post updated in 2024.

Insanity by the Electronic Wizard, 1990. Published by Wizard Games. “A game to A-MAZE, astound and drive you completely INSANE!!!!”.