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Computer – Come and Dance (1977). ASCII art in the disco era. Includes the hit Nobody loves a computer because a computer does not dance. h/t: David Viens.

Ceefax press release dating from 1977 charts the first three years of the world’s first ever teletext service, via.


Christa Häusler-Goltz (German, born 1943), Pyramid (“Violet/Purple” colorway), 1977. Made by Taunus Textildruck for Knoll Textiles. Used for drapery, cotton; plain weave, screen-printed. Photo Bruce White

Paintings by the early op artist Richard Anuskiwicz 1962, 1977, 2013.

Computer Graphics and Art, magazine cover, made by Matsuko K. Sasaki. Thx to Prosthetic Knowledge for sharing.

From The Plastic Typewriter book by Paul Dutton, 1993.

Although Paul Dutton finished this series of prints/smudges made from a disassembled plastic typewriter in 1977, this is the first publication of the entire work. It’s a lovely sequence of visual pieces: letters pressed on broken type, lines drawn in (presumably through typewriter ribbon), smudges, fragments of rock lyrics, ribbon rubbings, fingerprints, typed text, in short, a greatly enhanced set of textual elements. Given the replacement of the typewriter by the word processor, there’s a flavor of nostalgia, or perhaps metaphor (in the destruction of the typewriter) in this piece that may not have been originally considered.

Andrew Russ


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