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Clips from a Robocop-demo by Kakos Nonos for the Soviet 8-bit computer Апогей БК-01. All other computers must die.

Made from this video (apx 20 min in).

Abre los ojos – an audiovisual treat by oobc running in PETSCII textmode on a Commodore PET model from 1980. Video here.

‘So, what are you telling me?’ ‪#‎PETSCII‬ released at ‪#‎Gubbdata‬ 2015 by AcidT* / http://ift.tt/1DWtTBK

Friendships, by krue for Pixeljam 2014 textmode.

via weaveinallends

Gif snippet of Petscii Intro by Atlantis & F4CG, 2014. h/t: 4mat

VIA by Neurotypical (2009), a real-time video streaming teletext demo running on a BBC micro. Thnks Simon Rawles!

Programs that look good. From the Temple of Code By Nikon/Dekadence, 2013/14.

A code calligram by Lord Nikon/Dekadence, 2014. The graphics are actually text that is actually code, and when you run that code, you get cubes.


lord nikon_smaller

These graphics are actually text, which is actually code, which when executed shows an animated ASCII torus.

By Lord Nikon/Dekadence, 2014. More code calligrams here.