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Page 53 in Typographical Printing Surfaces by Legros & Grant, 1916. The universal langauge of emojis, eh? via Karly Wildenhaus.

Works by MuirMcNeil, a British design agency.

Interface made by Phi Dinh (@phi6) for a forthcoming game. Full video. h/t: Polyducks

Texttop converts your computer screen into text (coloured block characters) and sends it to you, while you’re on a crappy internet connection somewhere else. Finally you can stream Gangnam Style in the forest! By Thomas Buckley-Houston. h/t: r r mutt

Animations by Jellica made in James’ not-yet-released editor.

C64 PETSCII by Deev.

Textmode works by Polyducks for Mistigris 1117.

Teletext graphics by Horsenburger for Mistigris 1117. If you wanna support probably the most active teletext artist, check out his Patreon.