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[\b]ackspace drawings, using a plotter. Paul Prudence, 2023.

Max Headroom teletext by Horsenburger, 2023.

Nokia ringtones teletext ads from 2001, recovered by the teletext archeologist.

Typewriter works by Michael Czerwinski, 2020. source

By Zaki Dee 163, without tape or stencils. More close-ups available here.

In 1995 some countries started to broadcast a new British teletext protocol called level 2.5. Likely inspired by the French Antiope standard, it had more colours (4016 instead of 7) and redefinable characters. Few people ever saw it, because if your TV didn’t support it you would just see the classic level 1.

But now ZXGuesser has extracted level 2.5 teletext data from VHS-tapes and figured out how to display it. So the first image shows level 2.5 and the second shows level 1, both taken from this tweet.

Page 53 in Typographical Printing Surfaces by Legros & Grant, 1916. The universal langauge of emojis, eh? via Karly Wildenhaus.

Works by MuirMcNeil, a British design agency.

Interface made by Phi Dinh (@phi6) for a forthcoming game. Full video. h/t: Polyducks