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PETSCII-versions of Deep Rock Galactic characters. Made by christwoballs, 2021. via CSDb

There’s something about Mary. A PETSCII-piece by Hein, 2022.

Ever feel like you’re struggling to emerge from a foggy brain haze of static or line noise? Littlebitspace captures the sensation in this #ASCIIart illustration, “Tangled”, included in the recent MIST0223 artpack collection.

Works by Joe O’Donnell.

Bugging – a PETSCII piece by Electric, 2023.

Eddie Munsion – an ANSI-work by avg. via 16colors

Fjällstugan – a PETSCII work by Honcho, 2023.

Visualize word police – a PETSCII by Skleptoid, 2023. via PETSCII WORLD

Performing ASCII Surgery. Amiga ASCII by Abstrakt. Via asciiarena.se