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ANSI with custom font and colours (Xbin) by Ansichrist/Sense, 2004.

Farewell by Cyonx – a ninja turtles ANSI with custom colours (xbin), based on a painting by Joao Pires. h/t: sixteen colors 

By F0st for the Blocktronics pack Block n Roll. This is in xbin – an ANSI-like format.

Xbin art by Knocturnal for 1980 by Blocktronics, 2014.

Works in the xbin text format by Fever, 2m and Mypalgoo. Featured in 1980 by Blocktronics.

ACiD logos in xbin, a variation of ANSI where you can change the font and use more colours. More xbin graphics over at sixteencolors.net.