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Faith by Michael Klauke, 2004. Ink on paper, He calls this textual pointillism, and there is lots more here.

This works consists of writings on religion or spirituality by three men associated with science – one Jewish (Albert Einstein), one Christian (Isaac Newton), and one Muslim (Al-Kindi).

Vietnamese teletext character set made by Colin Hinson at Europe Technologies. This seems to have been for the first Vietnamese teletext service, Vitek, in 2004. The photo was taken before all the characters were finished.

The Vietnamese script needs at least 134 additional letters to ASCII, which has lead to solutions like VISCII and VSCII in the past. Hinson describes the process in detail here, but it seems like they simply removed enough characters to make it work. :-)

De la Lorraine animation for Musée de la Cour d’Or by Philippe Apeloig, 2004.

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Back on Earth, a composition by Michael Finnissy, 2004. Read more and listen here.

ANSI with custom font and colours (Xbin) by Ansichrist/Sense, 2004.

From the DOS-game Mooseka Rules with an Iron Fist, made by Dr. Dos in 2004.


Beck – Black Tambourine

…from 2004, full video here.

The rectangles in “Punch Card Park” in Ohio were made to resemble the square holes in IBM cards. Created in 2004 as part of the celebration of the bicentennial of the founding of Ohio University

From the site for the wedding of Emma Davidson (aka Lektrogirl) and Paul B. Davis, 2004. The marriage might be over, but the site lives on!

Delaware’s Banana, 2004.