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Beck – Black Tambourine

…from 2004, full video here.

Clip from Rheingold – Computer Beat, 1984. YouTube. h/t: despens 

Haku – The Day (2014). Music video that combines Japanese Shift-JIS ASCII art with video footage. It combines image-to-ascii conversions with manual and coded graphics aswell.

Sexting in a Swedish mainstream music video from 2001. Patrik Isaksson – Ruta 1.

h/t: Moa Lundqvist

Music video by Round Trip Mars for SJD’s Baby You’re Oh So, 2010. Nice combination of video-to-ASCII, illustration and code. 

Bleeding Kansas – This Song Will F**k You. Music video with text conversion that plays a lot with zoom (differently sized text).

Video by Moses Venegas, 2008.

Nicely synchronized abstract ASCII-video by Institut für Musik und Medien, 2011.

Beck – Black Tambourine. ASCII-video by Adam Levite, 2004.

Nina Will Strip by Frak, 1991. Made in C64 BASIC. Their label BÖRFT is doing their 25-year-anniversary tonight in Malmö – see u there! And btw, Frak did another PETSCII-video in 2010.