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Typewriter works by Frank Singleton, 2023.

Typewriter works by Frank Singleton, 2023.

Flower Maze. Typewriter work by Frank Singleton, 2023. “This is a solvable maze with one solution. You can move between words but not between letters in a word. Don’t trample the flowers. I overtyped various letters to create 74 flower textures in 9 colors.” source

From MAD Magazine, 1965. via rainemanisfake

Yarn-on-fence works by Hot tea, 2023. Full videos on his Instagram. Previously featured here.

Fake Language Machine by De Villo Sloan. Made with a Royal Selector electric typewriter.

By De Villo Sloan, 2023.

Guy de Cointet – Deep in the vast heart of Africa (1978).

Works by Channa Horwitz (1932-2013), via Eko33