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Works by Vivek Thakker, 2022-2024. via TYPE01

ASCII Art Archive by Jiyoung Kim, 2023. Illustrates the most searched questions for 2022 with ASCII art by AsH / BoD / bug (Blazej Kozlowski) / cgmm / Colin Douthwaite / dp (David Palmer) / ejm97 / Grp / hectoras / hh / hjw (Hayley Jane Wakenshaw) / jgs (Joan Stark) / joil’99 / LGB (lgbeard) / LS (Lennert Stock) / mx (myflix) / Normand Veilleux / pjb (Peter Bier) / pb / Shimrod / Snd (Shanaka Dias) / SSt (Sebastian Stöcker) / Susie Oviatt / S@yaN / Tua Xiong / TwelveStepJesus / Valkyrie / VK (Veronica Karlsson).

Genesis Storytime picture

Genesis StoryTime picture #2

Genesis StoryTime was a videotex storybook that was broadcast in Canada and USA, 1983-1990. The Telidon graphics were converted to video and broadcast like a regular TV-channel, usually without sound. Images and video from Tedium.

Lite-Brite, originally from 1967 and still produced today. h/t: Ray Manta

PETSCII by Max Capacity, 2011.

The results are in for the First International Computer Drawn Dragon Contest, 1979! These are all PETSCII-graphics made on the Commodore PET. The winner, Tom Weller from Berkeley, California, typed these graphics by hand as PRINT statements in BASIC. The other contributions were made by Steve and Tom Wuttke, 9 and 12 years old.

From Recreational Computing Vol 8, Issue 43, November 1979.

These are IBM’s first computers: IBM 5100 (1975) and IBM 5110 (1978).

The 5100 had 256 characters but half of the characters were just underscored versions of the other half. It used IBM’s mega obscure EBCD encoding instead of ASCII. IBM 5110 dropped most of the underscored characters, which made room for semi-graphic characters. Encoding was changed to the slightly less obscure EBCDIC, and there were 14 localized character sets with 12 characters each.

Character set photos from Voidstar, where there are also more details about the character sets.

Typo…matic by Josh Bookout, 2012. An electronic typewriter (IBM Selectric) controlled with a computer to make ASCII art. (previously posted without the GIFs)