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Computer Poetry by Silvestre Pestana, consists of three poems. Computer Poetry To: E. Melo e Castro (ZX81, 1981), Computer Poetry To: Henry Chopin (ZX81, 1981), Computer Poetry To: Julian Beck (ZX Spectrum, 1983).

Here is the third one in action, running on a ZX Spectrum emulator, courtesy of oficinastk.

The work was also featured in a more recent exhibition by the artist (techno-form, 2016).

Read more here.

The font of the portable TRS-80 Model 100 (1983).

WarGames (1983) uses what looks like a custom font to display thermonuclear text mode graphics. It was made on a CompuPro 8/16, although an IMSAI 8080 is used in the movie (apparently for sale for $25,000). Read more, see more.

PETSCII comic from 1983, made on a Vic-20. “The first Finnish comic made on a computer”. Published in Sarjari, issue 9, 1983. Posted by Skrolli here, h/t Markku Reunanen.

Kawasaki Synthesizer for C64, made by the Japanese jazz musician Ryo Kawasaki in 1983. Graphics partly made in petscii.

GALAKSIJA computer character set.
Designed by Voja Antonic (Yugoslavia, 1983).

Dancing demon video in Galaksija

Check µGALAKSIJA, a Single-Chip remake of the Galaksija computer.

 «La plissure du texte», 1983
A collective story telling project using a computer timesharing network of artists located in North America, Europe and Australia designed by Roy Ascott.

ザ・ポーカー †, poker game for MZ-700 (1983)

AUTOCRACY (1983) by BASIC HOUSE, a game for MZ-700 in Hu-BASIC.