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A2 PETSCII-poster by Tommi Musturi available here. Comes with an SD-card with music by Goto80 and Josh Bailey.

From H7′s Amiga ASCII collection Jungle Fever, 2015.

Glyphdrawing, a new online textmode editor that supports ttf-font import and independent font size and cell size. Made by grmmxi (images from his Instagram) and Ian Tuomi.

Anti-fascist llamas in Grmmxi’s 2018 ASCII calendar.

From ASCII-demo by Paranoids. MS-demo, 1995.

Viznut’s image-to-text conversion, using unscii-8 with 256 colours. Unscii is a set of Unicode-compatible fonts based on fonts from 80′s platforms and games. Download here.

C64 PETSCII by Vent.