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Punx. C64 PETSCII by Electric, 2022.

Faun. PETSCII by Electric, 2023.

Taj Mahal in ASCII by Littlebitspace, 2021.

King Nothing 2. ASCII by Littlebitspace, 2021.

PETSCII graphics by Electric for the demo Skybox (youtube), which I made the music for. Images from the PETSCII World fäceböök group.

Textmode skulls by littlebitspace.

Ever feel like you’re struggling to emerge from a foggy brain haze of static or line noise? Littlebitspace captures the sensation in this #ASCIIart illustration, “Tangled”, included in the recent MIST0223 artpack collection.

Bugging – a PETSCII piece by Electric, 2023.

Poly Kicks ASCII t-shirt, designed by Heikki Lotvonen. Available here.