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Faun. PETSCII by Electric, 2023.

Taj Mahal in ASCII by Littlebitspace, 2021.

King Nothing 2. ASCII by Littlebitspace, 2021.

PETSCII graphics by Electric for the demo Skybox (youtube), which I made the music for. Images from the PETSCII World fäceböök group.

Textmode skulls by littlebitspace.

Ever feel like you’re struggling to emerge from a foggy brain haze of static or line noise? Littlebitspace captures the sensation in this #ASCIIart illustration, “Tangled”, included in the recent MIST0223 artpack collection.

Bugging – a PETSCII piece by Electric, 2023.

Poly Kicks ASCII t-shirt, designed by Heikki Lotvonen. Available here.

Tommi Musturi‘s PETSCII rug that he posted on his Phasebook.