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PETSCII-works by jab, 2021-2023.

By Absent Spinsister, 2000-2004. The last one is a collaboration with Ansichrist. More Spinsister at sixteencolors.

C64 PETSCII by Worrior1, 2023.

Feelgood and Morph. C64 disk directory art by jab, who used to make ANSI-graphics.

Some of many Tarot cards in PETSCII by littlebitspace, 2022. Watch them at sixteencolors.net, or why not use them? There are applications on Commodore 64 and on the web.

More littlebitspace posts.

Commodore 64 disk directory art – dir art – by Worrior1, 2022. Not all PETSCII characters are available in disk directories.

262 (aka Technodemo) by Limbo, 1993. They made more Amiga demos with PETSCII.

Valto Malmiola’s portrait of Sibelius, 1937. It was made with 30,000 so-called rules – strips of metal, often brass or type-cast metal, used for printing lines since the 1500’s.

More works by Valto Malmiola, made with the same technique, 1938-1943.

Images and info from Typographic Art of Valto Malmiola by Heikki Lotvonen, 2023. He mentions that for example Carl Fasol used this technique before Malmiola.

Punx. C64 PETSCII by Electric, 2022.

Faun. PETSCII by Electric, 2023.