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Amiga ASCII by Dino, while he was in the infamous Skywalkers graffiti crew. From various collies 2000-2002.

Kråkan (1946) and Tobias (1953) by Ann-Mari Forsberg.

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Rubirosa, flatweave carpet by Marianne Richter, 1958.

C64 BBS logo for Illusion of Reality by Houbba, probably early 1990’s.

PETSCII-logo by Tao for the BBS Virtual Light, online 1996-1998.

By Absent Spinsister, 2000-2004. The last one is a collaboration with Ansichrist. More Spinsister at sixteencolors.

Happy 45th birthday to the oldest teletext service, SVT Text in Sweden. BBC was first, but they stopped doing teletext in 2012. According to recent polls, SVT Text is used daily by 15% of the Swedish population.

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By Absent Spinsister, 1997-1998. More at sixteencolors.

Märta mossa by Zheng Bo, 2023. Moss-rendition of a detail from Märta Måås Fjetterström’s Hästhagen, 1923. High-res photo available here.

From Douche Ex Machina by Goto80, 2024.