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Nancy Middlebrook: Norway #3. via garadinervi

Made in the Huari culture of Peru, sometime between year 750 and 1000.

Works from the Paracas Culture in Peru from around 800-100 BC. Looted photos of looted objects.

Native American Hopi baskets. First and second one by Annette Nasafotie, third one by Caroline Fred, fourth one by an unknown artist.

The world’s only woven book from 1886. You can do it yourself! Just make about 500,000 punch cards and put them into a Jacquard loom. Voilá!

The Livre de Prières, h/t Marcin Wichary

Double bird from Peru, ca 1600 BC. From On Weaving by Anni Albers, 1965 (pdf).

Rosemarie Trockel, Untitled, 1990

Rosemarie Trockel (1980s), via.

Rosemarie Trockel, ‘Untitled (Made in Western Germany)’, 1987.

Big weaving event in the north of Sweden next weekend. There’ll be a train (vävtåg) from the south of Sweden with 200 power weavers taking turns on the loom.

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