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Typwriter works by Elena Evgenevny in Russia in the 1920s and 1930s. Sourced and published by the magazine American Chordata, via. h/t Marcin.


The Washington Times, Washington DC, October 31, 1922


Cloth Designs. Found in the Internet Archive by AnitaNH

By the Cayapa Indians of Ecuador, from a book published in 1925.

LEF II/6 (1924) [ЛЕФ] (1924), the journal of the Left Front of the Arts.

Nikolai Suetin, Suprematist plateware (1922-1928)

Theo van Doesburg, Composition XIII, 1923

Interiors by Wenzel Hablik in the 1920s, recently restored.

h/t Imaginary Cities

Wenzel Hablik’s dining room, 1923.


Dillmont, Th. de, ed.
D.M.C. Broderies Bulgares. Mulhouse, Dollfus-Mieg & Cie, [c.1920, 30 pgs].

Dillmont, Th. de, ed.
D.M.C. Point de Marque [5] 5me Serié, Mulhouse, Dollfus Mieg & Cie (first pub c.1920), via.