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Sten Lex’s work for Auditorio Luis Elizondo in Monterrey, Mexico. Seems to have taken about 50 days of work. Now who’s going to do this in textmode…?

Paintings by Susie Rosmarin.

Seine, oil on wood by Ellsworth Kelly 1951, with a study. The physicist Brian Gin-ge Chen discusses the painting in terms of diffusion, predictable randomness, geography, lottery, percolation, etc:

Rectangles were placed according to numbers drawn out of a hat!

Each of the first 41 columns contains one more black
rectangle than the one to its left.
Each of the next 40 following columns contains one more
white rectangle than the one to its left.

By Revok.

Paintings, prints, etc by Andrew Kalkov, Ukraine.

Louise Marie “Lou” Loeber (1894-1983) – a Dutch artist active in De Stijl for a while. h/t: Tim Koch

Bridget Riley’s op art at Art Basel.

Richard Paul Lohse ‘15 systematische Farbreihen mit’ (1955-69)

Various paintings by Bridget Riley 1961-1981.

Nataraja. Painting by Bridget Riley, 1993.