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Gifs of Andreas Gysin’s ASCII/ANSI-works, getting pricey at SuperRare where you can see them in better framerate.

The website of the design agency ertdfgcvb.

Richard Paul Lohse ‘15 systematische Farbreihen mit’ (1955-69)

Ad for Cheese Line, a Swiss Amiga BBS. Sort of looks like a Figlet font.

‘Fingers of Doom’ by Raquel Meyers (2015).
Type in animation on C64. Music by Dan Brännvall & coding by Johan Kotlinski.
Showed at HeK@Liste Art FairPEBKAC IMHO.

Typographische Monatsblätter nr 11, by Wolfgang Weingart 1970.

More at design-is-fine.

The SCA Virus was probably the first Amiga virus (1987). It became extremely common, and later SCA released a software to remove the virus.

There were many clones of the virus with cool names like 666, AIDS, Bad Bytes 4, Big Boss, Deniz Cool, Disk-Terminator, KarlMarx, LSD, MAX and NASA.