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Texttop converts your computer screen into text (coloured block characters) and sends it to you, while you’re on a crappy internet connection somewhere else. Finally you can stream Gangnam Style in the forest! By Thomas Buckley-Houston. h/t: r r mutt

Viznut’s image-to-text conversion, using unscii-8 with 256 colours. Unscii is a set of Unicode-compatible fonts based on fonts from 80′s platforms and games. Download here.

Text-mode screens from Dragon Attack, a game for Amstrad CPC, 2016. Graphics by Harris Kladis.

h/t Tim Koch

G-AAAH – an award-winning typewriter animation about the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia. By Lizzy Hobbs. These GIFs don’t do it justice – watch the full clip.

The German TV-channel ARD’s teletext advent calendar is going strong. Here’s Dan Farrimond’s truth about daddy Christmas.

Typewriter poems by Erik Blagsvedt, 2016.

The making of a Winona Ryder ANSI-portrait. Made in PabloDraw by The Creep Fever. The finished ANSI is here. It’s 160 characters wide, which enables more detail than the common 80 character standard.

ASCII-morph is a Javascript library to transition between two ASCII art works. By Timothy Holman.

h/t: Tim Koch

Ray Manta has started to work with custom character sets on the C64. Technically speaking (character encoding) this is all PETSCII, but…

Images from here and here.