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Jupiter Ace, a British computer from 1982. It used Forth instead of BASIC and it could display more text characters on the screen than most of its competitors (64×48 compared to the more common 40×24). It used the same font as ZX Spectrum.

These are IBM’s first computers: IBM 5100 (1975) and IBM 5110 (1978).

The 5100 had 256 characters but half of the characters were just underscored versions of the other half. It used IBM’s mega obscure EBCD encoding instead of ASCII. IBM 5110 dropped most of the underscored characters, which made room for semi-graphic characters. Encoding was changed to the slightly less obscure EBCDIC, and there were 14 localized character sets with 12 characters each.

Character set photos from Voidstar, where there are also more details about the character sets.

By Adel Faure using his Jgs-font, 2022. More posts.

Leoniads Wants a Spear, a browser game by Karu & Adel Faure, 2019 using Adel’s Jgs font. More posts.

Adapter Mono, a monospaced variable font by Rosetta, 2024. Weight, slant and italicization (!?) can be modified, which is unusual for a monspaced font. It is pan-European and has characters for text graphics. Rosetta offers other variable fonts, supporting many other scripts.

via TYPE01

Boreddosapes by mtdos, 2021. Nice combo of blocky fonts and softer tiles.

ASCII made with the proportional Arial font for AOL by dair, gumby, kione, triped and xkurdtx circa 1998. source


Works by Nigel Cottier from his Instagram. h/t: TYPE01

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A very sheep game by Adel Faure, 2022 using his Jgs font. And a very cheap gif. Runs in the browser. More posts.