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If We Were Allowed To Visit is a poetry/ascii/game that you play in the browser. Made by Gemma Mahadeo (poet) and Ian MacLarty (game designer). More here. h/t: Tim Koch

Uncle Murrie’s Bloated Animal Funland a ZZT-game by Kurisu-sama (2001).

Via Worlds of ZZT.


Legends of the Hidden Temple by Chris Kohler (1994)
[LEGENDS.ZZT] – Title screen
Download / Explore legends.zip on the Museum of ZZT
Play on Archive.org

Terminal Rain, a textmode game with a custom font, developed by Jackson Lango.

Improved wand effects in Stone Story RPG by Martian Rex.

Crappy gif of Zalion, a good-looking text-mode game on the Japanese MZ-80 computer. Full video here, more sharpscii here. h/t: Tim Koch

Chrono Wars 12. DOS-game, 1999.

Battle Tech Story. DOS-game from 1997.

WAKK, a DOS-game by Meantee, 2003.

Walter’s Quest I, a DOS-game by Caspar, 2005.