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Operation Gamma Velorum. ZZT-game for DOS by Quantum P, 2002. via worldofzzt



16 Horribly Boring Games That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Chair V2 by Michael Barash/Pureshadow (2002)
[Boring.zzt] – Title screen
Download / Explore boring16.zip on the Museum of ZZT
Play on Archive.org

Includes fantastic games like Passage Pass:


Underwater Adventure:




And my favorite, Shark Aquarium:


So this is a joke, of course, but I do love Shark Aquarium. The details are so scant, and the sharks are basically just grey lines, but it still has more of a sense of place than it’s probably meant to.


The Sim by Paraplayer
[THESIM.ZZT] – $Mirror Image Games
Download thesim.zip
Play on Archive.org

DOS game from 2002, made in ZZT.

‘Il libro più corto del mondo’ by Paul Cox (2002)

Birth of Venus. Delaware, 2002.

Federation Square (2002), a building complex in Melbourne, Australia by Charles Radin and John Conway. It features pinwheel aperiodic tiling – the first known non-periodic tilings to each have the property that their tiles appear in infinitely many orientations. Via.

By parr, 2002

By lstar, 2002. More lstar posts here.