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Perl Quine Scarf by @knityak, available here. A quine is a program that copies its own source code as output.

Quilts and things by Libs Elliot.


Cloth Designs. Found in the Internet Archive by AnitaNH

By the Cayapa Indians of Ecuador, from a book published in 1925.

‘The Hair Sucks’ by Jaanus Samma (2012)

#Teletext Monster Girl / T-shirt by Raquel Meyers, available at society6.

‪’Teletext‬ Monster Girl’ by Raquel Meyers
TOTE BAG 16″ X 16″  at Society6. Get it here!

Kayseri Kilims from Anatolia, via

Rug by Pierre Cardin, Origin: Spain, Circa: Early 20th Century, via

Art Deco Kilim, India, Circa: Early 20th Century, 1930, via.