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Perl Quine Scarf by @knityak, available here. A quine is a program that copies its own source code as output.

‘The Hair Sucks’ by Jaanus Samma (2012)

#Teletext Monster Girl / T-shirt by Raquel Meyers, available at society6.

‪’Teletext‬ Monster Girl’ by Raquel Meyers
TOTE BAG 16″ X 16″  at Society6. Get it here!

Björn Borg claims to have a bunch of “ASCII underwear”. But… sorry mr. Borg – you got it all wrong. Again.

Girl’s blouse from San Vicente Coatlan, Oaxaca Mexico.
Pic by Karen Elwell.

Yoruba shawl cloth from the 1950s, via.

Zapotec Embroidery (Mexico).
Pic by Karen Elwell.