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ASCII cover by Erik Jäähalli for his split cassette with Flacid: Analog space music 4 aliens.


WRONG WRITERS >|< Richard Matheson (2014)

Animated gif by OKKULT Motion Pictures
500×500 px

On the occasion of the 2014 International Turin Book Fair, we have created WRONG WRITERS, a collection of Animated GIFs dedicated to some of our favorite okkult writers.


Happy new year!  in cyrillic teletext. 


A little-known story about a movement, a magazine, and the computer’s arrival in art (MIT Press, 2014). Nice punch cardey textmodey design. And an important book.

By Sabrina Verhage, 2014.

Finnish teletext, 2014.

Museum of Teletext Art, on Finnish YLE teletext 2014. More info.