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The Icelandic Vegvísir (wayfinder) is a magical stave that helps you find your way home through rough weather. Oldest known example is from 1860.

The logotype of Football Association of Iceland, designed by Brandenburg. It consists of a dragon, a bull, a griffin and a giant within a diamond shaped design. Read more.

By Einar Guðmundsson, via hoploid.

Screenshots from Siggi Eggertsson’s new screensaver: Saver Screensson. It randomly stacks vector stencils in his characteristic geometrical mosaic style. 

More Siggi on his website and Tumblr, and at text-mode.org.

Yup, this is text! By Mikey Freedom:

A little design experiment with mixing a Vegvisir – Aegishjalmur/Ægishjálmur & Ogham together, the Ogham spells out the name of my wife and 3 kids.

By siggieggertsson, who we’ve posted about before.

Works by Siggi Eggertsson. He’s been working with this textmodey illustration style for about a decade. Plenty more at Siggi Eggertsson dottt com

[missing Youtube video]

Clip about MOMS’ exhibition on teletext page 444 at the Icelandic TV-channel RÚV, 2007. Mentioned here and here.