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50 vogels – a project to print 50 birds each with 16×16 LEGO pieces. Made by Roy Scholten and Martijn van der Blom, 2018. Prints are available to buy, and a book is coming in October. More info available here.

via printmag

Dino cards – printed with LEGO pieces as letterpress. Made by Roy Scholten and Martijin van der Blom, 2017. via printmag

Most ASCII-converters work with blocks, but this one focuses on lines and structures. It was made by Xuemiao Xu, Linling Zhang and Tien-Tsin Wong in 2010. The comparison at the end is between an artist’s work (a) and their software (b). More info and images here.

Screens from the Chinese BBS Lilac, 2013. Screenshot by fcambus. h/t NO CARRIER.

Street art by Pejac, via collosal

ASCII and typewriter works by ty.p0, 2017-2022.

Snippets from Masanobu Hiraoka’s video for Titanium 2 Step by Battles, 2019. Full video here.

In Utero, by David Černý, 2013. Photos from here.

Time++, an installation by Ravenkwok at Xinzhuang Integrated Transport Hub in Shanghai, 2020.