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“From a 1988 Polish computer magazine” / @mwichary.


Poland, 19th C. Egg decorated with micrographic text from the Song of Songs. Handwritten in ink. From the 18th century, and perhaps even earlier, hollow eggs on which sacred texts had been written in micrography were used to decorate European sukkahs. Not all the texts related directly to the holiday of Sukkot, the Festival of Booths: this example has Song of Songs 1-4:7 inscribed in miniscule letters. At times feathers were added to the hanging egg, so that it looked like a bird in flight.”

Daphil 2, 1979. Mixed media on metal by Joseph Stanislaus Ostoja-Kotkowski. h/t Tim Koch. via 

Text-searchy visual identity for Branch Creative, made by Noeeko.

via It’s Nice That.

Screens from Polish teletext, via Frederic Cambus’ two collections. Notice the SMS-game at the bottom. Thought I died and gone to heaven, like Bryan would say.