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Generative patterns made in Amstrad BASIC by Rob Manuel (of @yorecomputer fame). Posted at b3ta.com, h/t @calmdownkidder.

“From a 1988 Polish computer magazine” / @mwichary.

A Star Trek episode created on a Commodore 64 using the machine’s built-in character graphics by James Gaither in 1986.
The soundtrack was added to a recorded videotape.
Watch the full video here

Mini-Quadro, basic game where PETSCII looks like cross-stitch!
From the German magazine 64’er, july 1990.  

BASIC program from the manual MZ-80 SERIES BASIC.
Shared by Takashi Kawano!

Xnitzy & Xnutzi Goes to Datastorm [2011] by bob.
Watch the video here.

The C64 however, was capable of automating the entire knitting process thanks to a system called CAPS (made by Empisal in Germany).

The setup consisted of the C64 (of course!), an Empisal 550/560 knitting machine and the CAPS interface. The process of knitting your favorite jumper consisted of designing a series of patterns on the C64 which you could then save to disk and combine with other patterns to create a larger image. Source

Bob Neill’s Book of Typewriter Art (1982), via Lori Emerson.
With a computer programme to enable some of the pictures to be produced on a home computer (such as the Commodore PET) using the BASIC computer language.

Madonna and Child ASCII Art, Creative Computing Compendium (Standards for writing graphical programs in BASIC), from the magazine “The Best of Creative Computing Volume 1” (1976), via.