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Examples from Bruno Munari‘s Curve di Peano series (1970’s) and the Negativo Positivo series (1950’s).

Generative patterns made in Amstrad BASIC by Rob Manuel (of @yorecomputer fame). Posted at b3ta.com, h/t @calmdownkidder.

“From a 1988 Polish computer magazine” / @mwichary.

Ray Manta has started to work with custom character sets on the C64. Technically speaking (character encoding) this is all PETSCII, but…

Images from here and here.


Cloth Designs. Found in the Internet Archive by AnitaNH

By the Cayapa Indians of Ecuador, from a book published in 1925.

Facebook text patterns by mammifero (Franceso Cossu), 2013.

Updated in 2024.

Tiles inspired by computer games art by Lars Arrhenius at Thorildsplan metro station in Stockholm (2008), via

Bitmap Patterns by Carine Bigot.