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Computer Poetry by Silvestre Pestana, consists of three poems. Computer Poetry To: E. Melo e Castro (ZX81, 1981), Computer Poetry To: Henry Chopin (ZX81, 1981), Computer Poetry To: Julian Beck (ZX Spectrum, 1983).

Here is the third one in action, running on a ZX Spectrum emulator, courtesy of oficinastk.

The work was also featured in a more recent exhibition by the artist (techno-form, 2016).

Read more here.

“From a 1988 Polish computer magazine” / @mwichary.

Snippet from Stellar – a bassy ambienty ZX Spectrum demo by Kpacku 2015. Full video here. h/t: 4mat

MERVIN AND MARVIN’S TELETEXT ADVENTURE by Chris Young for the ZX Spectrum, via. Play it here!

LumASCII (ZX Spectrum) by Bob Smith (2012). It took 9 months to code it, since there weren’t many tools for the Speccy to work with “colour ASCII” (ANSI? hehe). Longplay version here.
Thanks to Akira and Ilkke  for the heads up.

bl by Triebkraft, 2007. ZX Spectrum demo with a custom font, it seems.