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Chemins by Henri Chopin, 1993. via garadinervi

Text labyrinth in buginese from 1794, via. Buginese is spoken by millions of people in Indonesia. ᨄᨘᨑᨊᨗᨀᨚᨆᨙᨋᨉᨙᨄ

Ads in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1873-1874 found by Paul Soulellis. ASCII advertising was quite popular at the time, and these are almost like concrete poetry advertising?

“A dude”, 1886. Published in the poetry section of the January issue of The Undergraduate, Middlebury’s newspaper. Source, via.

Typewriter poems by Erik Blagsvedt, 2016.


Carl Andre (Yucatan) typewriter poems, 1972.  Will be featured in The Drawing Center’s upcoming Drawing Time Reading Time exhibition curated by Claire Gilman.

Visual poem by H.C Dodge, 1893. See the full page

here. via ASCII art.


‘Code Poems’ by Hannah Weiner (1982)

Sunday by Helmut Zenker (1971)

Untitled by Bengt Emil Johnson (1963)