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F Like France, possibly by Marylene Delbourg-Delphis. Minitel graphics with custom characters (DRCS) on a Honeywell Videotex System. Published here in 1988.

Teletext pages from Extravision, an Antiope teletext service on KNXT-TV in Los Angeles (owned by CBS). These black & white photos are from the early trials, ca 1981. The full Extravision service began in 1983.

C64 BBS graphics by OEP (One-eyed pirate), probably from the late 80’s and early 90’s. OEP returned to making PETSCII-graphics in 2019.

Bulletin boards: Departure from Reality, Groo’s Place, Stronghold, The Addiction, The Alternate Factor, The Cure, Prism City Exchange and Wasted Warez.

Editing teletext pages for Radio Television Ljubljana, 1986. It became the first Yugoslavian teletext in 1984, although there were trials already in 1980. More info, photos and videos here.

Ad for the Scanset XL terminal in BYTE Magazine, 1983. h/t: Tim Koch

Ads for the American service Time Teletext (1981-1983).

From the press kit to Gateway, an American videotex service by Times Mirror, 1984-1986.

New Zealand teletext caught in a bad moment, probably 1985. See the full video.

ExtraVision was an American teletext service on CBS, 1983-1988. It didn’t use the British WST teletext standard, but the French Antiope, which was eventually swallowed by the American NABTS standard.***

ExtraVision was featured in the book Teletext: Its Promise and Demise by Leonard R. Graziplene. Image from here.

Telidon graphics by John Vaughan for the PBS-station WETA, 1981. He created them with a Norpak Frame Creation Terminal.