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Teletext pages from Extravision, an Antiope teletext service on KNXT-TV in Los Angeles (owned by CBS). These black & white photos are from the early trials, ca 1981. The full Extravision service began in 1983.

Telidon graphics by John Vaughan for the PBS-station WETA, 1981. He created them with a Norpak Frame Creation Terminal.

Garadinervi: Jean Pierre Yvaral (aka Vasarely), from: L’instabilità come condizione umana, Edizioni d’Arte Il Segno, Macerata, 1981

Colourized ASCII art at NASA using an IBM System/370 in 1981, via. Or… EBCDIC art?

“You didn’t know that Compuserve sold posters of ASCII Art in 1981 but now you do.” / Jason Scott

Half-tone style graphics from Argentina. Taken from the book Words & buildings: the art and practice of architectural graphics by Jock Kinneir, 1981.

Sammy the Sea Serpent for Atari 8-bit, 1981. Excellent text-mode story telling for kids, with minor interaction. Runs both data and audio from the cassette at the same time, according to atarimuseum.

h/t: drx

Forests for the Future. Rolf Harder 1981, via

Sinclair ZX81 character set and font, via.

From a very early pr0n game – Yaryuken, made in 1981 for the Sharp MZ-80K. You play rock-paper-scissors to remove the clothes. In Japan, Yaryuken is also played AFK.