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ATASCII Tube – a collection of Atari ASCII animations viewable in the browser, with adjustable speed (bps). Made by Josh Renaud. Showed is a clip from Lawrence of Albania by Tom D’Ambrosio.

The ATASCII font, used in Atari’s 8-bit computers.

Clip from an Atari ATASCII animation with sound from 1987. Likely first published on a BBS. It’s called Rambone and was made by Kung Fu Master. Recovered and filmed by Ryan Goolevitch. h/t Marcin Wichary.

A short Atari animation about murdering people who like Amiga. More here.

Crack intro screen before a US Gold Atari game from 1985. Supplied by SiXX/G*P.

Sammy the Sea Serpent for Atari 8-bit, 1981. Excellent text-mode story telling for kids, with minor interaction. Runs both data and audio from the cassette at the same time, according to atarimuseum.

h/t: drx

Text-mode animation for Atari 8-bits. It uses a custom made character set so I suppose it’s not ATASCII. Or is it? Cursor art!

more here

Pretty great fight animation in ATASCII. By Peter A. Ritchie, 1986.


ATASCII animation by Alan Kirk, 1986. Also uses custom characters.

More info & ATASCII-videos at Break Into Chat.

ATASCII animation on Atari 800 by Brian Hastings. Won the Atari ‘Toons contest in the ANTIC magazine in 1986. They call it cursor art.

More info at Break Into Chat.