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Clip from an Atari ATASCII animation with sound from 1987. Likely first published on a BBS. It’s called Rambone and was made by Kung Fu Master. Recovered and filmed by Ryan Goolevitch. h/t Marcin Wichary.

Weird Soviet segment display fonts from the 1980′s, via Matt Sarnoff.


#Pixelart Eggciting Easter, Channel Four ORACLE, 19th April 1987. Eggcellent, eggcetera.

Captured by Jason Robertson @Grim_Fandango

Source: http://www.uniquecodeanddata.co.uk/teletext76/

From Granny’s Garden, a C64-game from 1987.

Music ads for Grace Jones and The Pogues on Oracle teletext 1986/87, via Teletext Art.


#pixelart Engineering, BBC2 Ceefax, 1987. Note the alpha black test… apparently it’s quite a rare thing.

Capture courtesy Jason Robertson.

Source: http://ift.tt/1HTxbhY

Kim Wilde teletext, 1987. via @russty_russ

Rosemarie Trockel, ‘Untitled (Made in Western Germany)’, 1987.

Two articles on PETSCII graphics for PlayNET, the American online service that later became AOL. A man pushing a sign, and a shamrock. OUTSTANDING! Also – seems like smilies were pretty established at that time.. 

From the Behind the Screens magazine, 1986 and 1987.

Micro User Volume 4 Number 12, February 1987, via.