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ASCII/ANSI by Exude 1998 for Mistigris (@mistfunk). via. 

Part of an ASCII by Axel Barebones for Remorse/Acid,  re-published in Mistigris 9803.


Legends of the Hidden Temple by Chris Kohler (1994)
[LEGENDS.ZZT] – Title screen
Download / Explore legends.zip on the Museum of ZZT
Play on Archive.org


The Pink Man in Green by SaMM/WiL (1999)
[TPMIG-MB.ZZT] – $_/~ VisuoFunctional Spectrum _/~
Download / Explore pmig.zip on the Museum of ZZT
Play on Archive.org

Cybercrime International Network, by iCE in 1993. Found in Mistigris-9803.


Alive Software’s very pretty Summer 1996 catalog. From ALIVECAT.exe

Acid logo by Cleaner, 1999.

So the iOS source code apparently contained an ASCII pony by Joan Stark. via partytimeHXLNT

A floppy disk with a font that only contained the symbol that would replace Prince’s name in 1993. Ironically it still says Prince on the floppy disk. The font is still useful to download, because Ƭ̵̬̊.. Source.