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Performing ASCII Surgery. Amiga ASCII by Abstrakt. Via asciiarena.se

Good Night, Sir Floyd by Irokos, 2020. 500 columns and 300 lines of Amiga ASCII with a few ANSI-characters. Full resolution image available here.

Amiga ASCII by Dipswitch, just released as txt and png.

ASCII/ANSI from Impure76 by Grmxxi, Arlequin & Pe(?), Hellbeard, Smooth and Irokos. Crops from 16colo.rs.

Arlequin’s ANSI (top) and cN’s Amiga ASCII (bottom) from Impure#73 via sixteencolors.

From Betathing‘s ASCII video for The Working Man by Goto80. Full video here.

From H7′s Amiga ASCII collection Jungle Fever, 2015.